Monday, 1 December 2008

Surrey Police: December 2008 Newsletter

Proactive patrols
Local Police Officers will be proactively patrolling the Leatherhead area during the festive season, with a particular eye out for shop lifters. The Christmas period is approaching fast, please continue to be vigilant with regards to forged notes and card fraud, there is traditionally a rise in crimes reported at this time of year; please be on your guard.

Looking after the elderly
We have been trying to spread the word especially amongst the elderly with regards to bag and purse thefts at this time it’s perceived that people are carrying more cash on their person, which could be an encouraging factor for the opportunist thieves.

Friendly advice for you all
When you are out and about please try and keep your wallets and purses secure and also try and keep a look out for elderly shoppers who may not be as aware as others.

Look out for bike thieves
Bike thefts were a persistent problem this time last year, when bicycles were being left for short periods of time outside shop premises, secured with a lock or chain, the thieves were using tools to break the lock and steal the bikes.
If you see any thing suspicious, please call Surrey Police 0845 125 2222,
It’s very helpful if you make a note of the time and descriptions of possible offender/s.

The on going issue of people under the age of 18 years old purchasing alcohol is evident and being monitored by Surrey Police Officers and by Trading Standards. Please report any incidents of purchases made, so that we can deal with the incident appropriately. Your assistance is invaluable and most appreciated
Please be reminded that the Non-Emergency number for Surrey Police is
0845 1252222. You can get updated information from my webpage, which is normally updated at least every month, .

Have a safe Christmas and New Year”
PC 2056 Gaynor GROUT, PC 3239 Fran Davey
and PCSO Hermione PILBROW

DIRECT DIAL TEL 01306 676855


Alert from Surrey Trading Standards - Leather Jacket Salesmen

Dear All

Surrey Trading Standards are warning people to be on the guard after receiving complaints from members of the public who have purchased leather jackets from smooth talking salesmen in car parks on the understanding that they were Italian designer labels. The salesmen tend to claim to be from Italy with leather jackets that look Italian for sale at a bargain price. However, people who have contacted us have paid over large sums of cash for jackets that turn out to be very poor quality and worth a fraction of the price paid.

It is very difficult for Trading standards to take any action against sellers operating in this way as no paperwork is provided to enable us to trace them. This also means that there is no hope of redress for anyone who has purchased a jacket in this way.

Anyone who is approached in a car park or on the street and offered the chance to buy leather jackets is advised not to do so. If you are approached in this way we would ask you to pass the details to us via Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.


David Bullen
Trading Standards Officer
Safer and Stronger Communities Team

Surrey County Council Trading Standards
Mid Surrey Area Office
Bay Tree Avenue
Kingston Road
KT22 7SY

Tel: 01372 371743
Fax: 01372 371704

Surrey Trading Standards run a Buy With Confidence approved trader scheme for reputable traders in Surrey. To find an Approved Trader, please click and visit ''Buy With Confidence''

Sunday, 23 November 2008

A Good use of Public Funds ?

Following this article in the local press -

"Mole Valley council offices could be knocked down to build houses (Thursday, November 06, 2008, 07:00)"

Imagine then, opening Issue Seventeen of the MVNews "The Official Magazine of Mole Valley District Council" on page 5 to find an article describing the refurbishment of the Reception Area at MVDC Offices. The article states " We will continue to provide all the facilities our residents & customers are used to..".

Does this include "possibly" wasting public money in a recession?

Let's hope the possible new home for MVDC is Eco friendly (zero carbon etc) and a real show piece for the area's green credentials. Let's also hope that any new building on the Pippbrook site is also affordable & carbon neutral.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Police Clinic

Local Police Officers will be availble for you to speak to them at the Help Shop, Leatherhead on 26th November 2008 between 11:00-13:00

Friday, 21 November 2008

More Cold Calling

This time in Ashtead...

We live in Greville Park Road and five minutes ago we had a fellow ringing
our door bell cold calling offering the chance of a free draw for a Nissan
Micra.  He wanted us to give him our name, address, telephone number, which
we obviously refused to do.  When we said we were a 'No Cold Calling Area',
he assured us that he'd been in touch with Surrey Police and they were well
aware he was working in the area.

Have phoned Consumer Direct who have taken the details are contacting Surrey
Trading Standards.

Small print on Raffle Card

In addition to the main draw, cards will also be selected daily and the
holder invited to receive a gift for watching, along with your partner, a
demonstration of COMPLETE HOMECARE SYSTEM.  
(Source : ARA)

Friday, 14 November 2008

MVDC: Core Strategy (Proposed Submission)

Core Strategy (Proposed Submission) will be available within the following dates:

Start date: 14/11/08 00:01:00 GMT
End date: 09/01/09 16:00:00 GMT

You may view the event here:

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Cold Calling Update

There is a company calling door to door, presently in Dorking, but they may come north to Ashtead/Leatherhead. They are RJB Services Ltd and they offer a “free” raffle prize taking the householder’s name, address and phone number. The householder then receives a call to say they have won a free carpet shampoo session. When the representative calls round he cleans a small area of carpet and then tries to sell the householder an expensive Kirby vacuum cleaner and carpet shampoo machine costing £1,700!!!!

Further details of these selling practices are available on and it seems the methods have not changed.

(Source: ARA)

*** UPDATE From Surrey Trading Standards ******

We are aware of this business and are advising people to be cautious about accepting entry into the free raffle as we understand that this is likely to be followed up by an extensive sales pitch and an attempt to sell expensive vacuum cleaners.

We are requesting anyone who is contacted in this manner to make us aware by calling Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.

I hope this information is helpful.


Trading Standards Officer
Safer and Stronger Communities Team

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Cash for Schools

Local schools have the chance to win a share of £12,000. The Cash for Schools campaign is sponsored by Fidelity International. A supplement will appear in the Leatherhead Advertiser week ending 14th November 2008. Voting forms will be in the supplement also.

"The competition offers schools the opportunity to win a share of £12,000 to help with a community project.

Sponsored by Fidelity International, all of the short-listed proposals will feature in a special supplement to be printed in November.

Readers will then have the chance to vote on the project they think should win a share of the cash." ( Source:

Does your school have a project ? Add it as a comment to this post.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Agenda for Meeting 3rd November

Open LRA meeting on 3th November 2008 at 7 p.m. at the Letherhead Institute

  • Police Panel
  • Minutes
  • Matters Arising
  • Climate Change: Speaker - Derek Smith from Green Mole Valley forum “Transition Towns/Mole Valley”
  • Unilever – “Our Community Investment Policy”.
  • Planning Consultation
  • Officers Reports
  • Future Programme
  • AOB.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Surrey Police Newsletter Oct 2008

Latest news from the Police for South Leatherhead:

North Leatherhead to follow soon.

Online links to Surrey Police in this post

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Leatherhead Fire Station Charity 10k - 9th November 2008

The Leatherhead 10k takes place on Sunday 9th November 2008 at 10am.

Entry Fee: £12 pre-entered, £20 on the day.

In aid of :

  • Help for Heroes
  • Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit
  • Fire Services Charity
For further information:

Tel: 01372-372226

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

"Make a Difference" Tour - 2008

The Leatherhead Residents Association takes to the streets this week to promote it's activities & recruit new Members. The more members the Association has, the greater it's voice in local affairs.

Committee members will be manning a publicity stall in the Swan Centre, Leatherhead on Thursday & Saturday this week (16th & 18th October).

If you would like to join or talk to the Association about it's work or raise a concern about a local issue, then pay a visit to the stand. The Association is always looking for members to assist the Committee in it's work & so if you have a skill to offer then please let them know.

If want to join but cannot attend either of these dates, a membership form can be downloaded for the LRA website or you can pick up a form from the library.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Epsom Road - New Signs - waste of public money?

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed some new signs affixed to lamp post on both sides of Epsom Road. If you haven't it's no surprise. For those of you that have not seen them because they are way above eye-line then here is a picture.

There has been no new restriction imposed on this stretch of road and so the signs are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Motorist are still free to park there; they are apparently doing nothing illegal. The signs are not that visible from the drivers seat & so one has to question the purpose of them.

How much money was wasted on these signs ?

**** UPDATE **** (added by Webmaster)

Local press coverage can be found here :

Friday, 10 October 2008

Poor Illumination on Linden Pitt Path

The Linden Pitt Path connects St. Johns Close via a footbridge over the M25 to Ottaways in Ashtead. The Leatherhead end of the bridge has very poor lighting at night. This puts pedestrians at risk of injury because of the proximity of steps leading down to road level. The LRA has been asked to bring this concern to the attention of SCC Highways

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Chairman's Diary October 2008

  • 10th World Mental Health Day Lhd Lsr.Centre Mental Health in the Workplace.
  • 11th Night Hostel Charity collection
  • 13th Leatherhead Festival committee
  • 14th AGM SAVI (Surrey Assoc. for Visually Impaired)
  • 16th & 18th LRA publicity barrow in the Swan Centre.
  • 21st Surrey 50+
  • 22nd NHS Co-design.
  • 23rd Surrey LINk - launch celebration in Woking HGWells centre.
  • 23rd Homeopathic Group (Christchurch URC)
  • 24th Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce ? Quiz Night in aid of Lhd Town Festivities.
  • 26th NHS co-design
  • 28th Help the Aged
  • 30th Surrey Coalition AGM Lhd Lsr. Centre
  • 31st Leatherhead Town Halloween Festival.
Reports when attendance is possible will be included in the newsletter.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Matters Arising from October Meeting

  • Confirmation was given at the October LRA meeting(attended by local councillors) that the obstruction in front of Lidl bus stop is to be removed.

  • The parking situation continues in Epsom Road, but we were reassured that the notices which are to be attached to the lamp posts requesting drivers not to park are ready and waiting to be attached - unfortunately there are very few lamp posts located on the North West side of the road.

  • The police agreed to continue to monitor the problems of cars mounting the pavement at the Knoll roundabout, with an actually police presence when possible. Councillors agreed to go back to the Highways Department and press for a temporary measure of bollards to increase safety until Highways formulate their plans for this area of concern.

  • Making allowances for forward thinking we are about to find an increase in road congestion due to the opening of the new headquarters for 1400 employees of Unilever n Leatherhead there will be need to re-assess the traffic flow situation. Assurance has been given of flexible working hours, car share and bus transport schemes in place with workers being obliged to book their parking space in advance, when coming to work by car. The LRA will be watching the situation. Our County Councillor gave an assurance that there are long term plans for re-construction of the Knoll Roundabout. But this is no solution for the immediate problem of seriously endangered pedestrians.

Mole Valley: Fit 2 Supply Workshops - 15 October 2008

Local residents with businesses in the area may be interested in the Fit 2 Supply event. This is a very worthwhile event if you wish to put yourselves forward for opportunities during the Olympic run up. There are an estimated 15,000 opportunities being offered through CompeteFor, who will be matching buyers and suppliers in London 2012 Supply chains.

The local workshop is at the Dorking Halls on the 15th October – click on the images for more details.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Agenda for Meeting on Monday, 6th October

Open LRA meeting on 6th October 2008 at 7 p.m. at the Letherhead Institute

  • Police Report
  • Local Concerns
  • Minutes
  • Matters Arising
  • Planning
  • Ashtead & Leatherhead Forum - report
  • Town Centre Forum - report
  • Hopper Buses
  • Big Tidy & Every Action Counts
  • AOB

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Mobility Scooter - accident waiting too happen?

A resident, who has a mobility scooter, has reported a possible conflict between pedestrians & scooters. The location is the is bus shelter in front of Lidl supermarket, Station Road.

The advertising boards at the end of the shelter can unsight pedestrians from approaching mobility scooters. There is little room for manoeuvre because of Give Way sign that has been placed close to the shelter.

Surrey County Council has been informed of the possibility of an accident happening. Should the Residents Association look into this matter ?

Thursday, 2 October 2008

October 2008 Mole Valley District Council LDF Newsletter

The Newsletter can be viewed on the Councils website at
If you have any queries regarding the newsletter please contact the Planning Policy Department on or phone on 01306 879281.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Since 1932 the Residents Association has sought to protect the interests of the residents of Fetcham in a variety of ways. Originally established as a Ratepayers Association, it has diversified into many aspects of local affairs that include Planning, Highways, Recreation, Aircraft, Schools, Police Panels and Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

The history of the Association is illustrated by many major issues where developers and public utilities have sought to blanket our open spaces with buildings or to significantly interfere with our local road system but, with the support of our District Councillors, we have obtained the best compromise and have earned the respect of local authorities as being a voice of the majority.

We can look back with pride at the successful resistance to the original route of the motorway through the village and the subsequent development of the 'Fetcham Gap' on sympathetic lines; the preservation of the Millpond and the water meadow; the support to the refusal to develop Wisley Airfield as a commercial airport and the countless times that we have managed to restrict density of development to reasonable levels. This has often entailed representation at Public Inquiries.

However, we must constantly be vigilant as we are in a vulnerable position on the edge of the Green Belt and bounded by some of the most attractive woodland and Downs in South East England. Each year brings a new challenge and it is through the Association that householders are alerted to factors that may affect their peace and well-being.

An Executive Committee manages the Association and meets monthly to discuss matters of current interest. The decisions and recommendations are reported to General Meetings in March and October when "open house" exists for all residents to come and discuss their problems. All members of committee serve on a voluntary basis and may come from a wide variety of occupations including the legal profession, commerce, engineering and education.

Prior to the Committee meetings, on a bi-monthly basis the Association hosts the useful Fetcham Police Neighbourhood Panel where residents may raise issues of concern and put questions directly to our local officers who attend to present their report on Police activity during the previous period.

Membership of the Residents Association is open to all residents of the village of Fetcham for a modest subscription from each household and the greater the number of members, the stronger the representation. A twice-yearly Newsletter reports on the work of the Executive Committee and also serves to announce General Meetings and speakers that are invited to address the audience on matters of topical interest and concern. A team of Road Stewards supports the Committee in providing more direct contact with the members in their area, and by distributing the Newsletters and collecting annual subscriptions.

The Fetcham Residents Association is a non-political organisation whose main interest is to represent and further the interests of the residents of the village. It maintains close contact with the Councillors elected by the village to serve on the Mole Valley District and the Surrey County Councils, all of whom regularly attend both the Committee and General Meetings to better represent the views of the residents expressed via the Association.

To enquire about membership of the Association or of the Executive Committee or to ask any questions please contact the Hon. Secretary Mrs P Harrison on 01372 373313

Friday, 26 September 2008

Theft of Number Plates

Theft of number plates

There continues to be offences of theft of number plates from vehicles
across Mole Valley. Research shows that stolen plates are used to:
  • clone' stolen vehicles for re sale
  • conceal the identity of drivers involved in criminal activity (e.g. stealing fuel from petrol stations)
  • evade traffic related fines including parking tickets, speeding fines and congestion charges .
There are some steps that motorists can take in order to prevent themselves becoming a victim of this crime:

The DVLA have put into place an industry standard on "anti-theft" plates which are designed to disintegrate if attempts are made to remove them from a vehicle. These plates cost approximately twice as much as standard plates, but by fitting them you may avoid the cost of replacement plates and also the need to deal with visits or letters from the police about a cloned vehicle committing offences using your registration.

A cheaper alternative is to buy "one way" screws. These are designed with heads that can be screwed on, but cannot easily be unscrewed, and usually need to be drilled out. The increased time the offender needs to spend on removing them, and the increased risk of breaking the number plate and therefore wasting their time, should serve to dissuade them from stealing from your vehicle.

If you are unfortunate and become a victim of this type of crime, please ensure that you inform the police as soon as possible so that they can record the information on the Police National Computer. This will allow any patrolling officers who stop a vehicle with your registration to make further checks to confirm its identity. In Surrey, please use the 0845 125 2222 number.

Source: ARA

Sunday, 21 September 2008

A Great Day Out !

The Surrey Society of Model Engineers Open Day 14th September 2008

Age Concern - "How to Avoid Scams"

New research carried out by Age Concern has revealed that people are increasingly worried about their older loved ones falling victim to scams. Fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK with older vulnerable older people particularly at risk from Fraudsters. Half the population is targeted by fraud each year with victims losing £3.6 billion annually.

Age Concern has recently published a book - "How to Avoid Scams –a practical guide on how to help protect yourself and your friends and family from fraudsters". Further details about the book and more details on the Age Concern research and tips on beating scams can be found from the link below.


David Bullen
Trading Standards Officer
Safer and Stronger Communities Team

Surrey County Council Trading Standards
Mid Surrey Area Office
Bay Tree Avenue
Kingston Road
KT22 7SY

Monday, 15 September 2008

Dorking Supplies

The Plough roundabout is becoming a pleasant place to visit with a splendid wine emporium and now as I discovered to my shame a wonderful BBQ shop called Dorking Supplies. This has been open since November 2007 but I thought it was an off licence so have missed a summer??? of buying quality charcoal and various other items sadly lacking in Leatherhead since Downer's demise.

Added by Webmaster:

Monday, 8 September 2008

Big Tidy Up - Leatherhead

Mole Valley District Council is supporting ‘The Big Tidy Up’ campaign; the nationwide clean up run by ‘Keep Britain Tidy’. The Council has organised a litter pick event in Leatherhead on Saturday 13th September 2008, 10:00am to 1:00pm focussing on the footpath which runs between Kingston Road and the railway station and, time permitting, also on the Kingston Road itself.

Mole Valley District Council will be providing litter picking tools, refuse sacks, gloves and bin liners to all volunteers and will arrange the clearance of all the litter collected.

Anyone who would like to help is very welcome to join the group, meeting at 10.00am at the bottom of the Kingston Road steps, opposite the Community Centre.

Source: MVDC Website

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Chairmans Diary - September 2008

The Chairman & Committee members will be involved in the following meetings and consultations over coming weeks. If there are any issues you would like the LRA to bring up at these meetings, please email the Chairman or add a comment to this post.

  • Mon.1st Leatherhead Festivities Committee
  • Mon.1st Residents’ Assoc. Open Meeting – EGM
  • Tues.2nd Homeopathic Committee
  • Tues.2nd Leatherhead Town Centre Forum (Unilever presentation)
  • Wed.3rd Mole Valley,Guildford & Woking Credit Union (planning)
  • Wed.3rd Residents' Assoc.. CommitteeMeeting
  • Thurs.4th Garlands Lunch and Art Group
  • Thurs.4th. LCA Barn Dance
  • Sat.6th Capel Green Fair. 144 High Street Capel (12 midday)
  • Mon.8th Townswomen's Guild People Empowering People (Park House)
  • Mon.8th Ashtead & Leatherhead Forum (focus on NHS & Gypsies) 7pm at Leatherhead Institute (all welcome)
  • Tues.9th Royal British Legion “Headley Court”
  • Wed.10th LINks (communications planning)
  • Thurs.11th Churches Together in Leatherhead (report on Night Hostel)
  • Sat. 13th Every Action Counts – Climate Change presentation at the Letherhead Institute 11 am – 3 pm.
  • Mon. 15th Visit to Pitstop Surrey Coalition - Park House
  • Tues. 16th Townswomen's Guild – visit to Worthing.
  • Tues. 16th Mole Valley Credit Union Study Group
  • Sat. 20th Night Hostel – Open Day coffee morning
  • Thurs. 25th Leatherhead & Epsom Homeopathic Group. 8pm. Christchurch, Epsom Road.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

QEF Leatherhead Bikeathon

Leatherhead based charity the Queen Elizabeth Foundation is to hold a Bikeathon on 5th October 2008. Further details can he found at

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Amended Constitution Adopted at the EGM

Amended constitution published on the website - see here.

There is also a downloadable PDF version available here.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Leatherhead Residents Association EGM : 1st September 2008

Leatherhead Residents Association will hold an EGM 1st September 2008 7:00 pm at the Letherhead Institute to adopt the amended Constitution, a copy of which will be in the Help Shop and is now on the website. There are two copies available - one points out the rational for each change.



Police Report & Local Concerns:
  • River Mole
  • Invalid Scooters
  • Parking

Minutes of the August meeting.
Extraordinary General Meeting
  • Constitution
  • Financial Review

Any Other Business.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

River Mole : Letter to Natural England

Marjan Desmet, Advisor
Natural England 29th July 2008
Sterling House
7 Ashford Road
ME14 5BJ

Re: The Leatherhead Riverside Redevelopment Project and other Related Issues

Dear Ms. Desmet,

I understand that when an area along the Mole River in Leatherhead was designated a Nature Reserve your organisation took on some responsibility for overseeing activities within the reserve. This implies that you should have been informed of changes to the area. I further understand that any development within the area should have been referred to you and that consultation should have taken place. It appears that none of the above happened.

Further to our telephone conversations, I am submitting a summary of background details for your record. Many of the residents of Leatherhead are disappointed and dismayed at what has happened to part of our lovely, unspoilt Nature Reserve. I first became aware of the extent of the project in Mid-May when some of the members of the Leatherhead Residents Association began to ask questions. These members had gone to the trouble of locating the schematic drawings of the project. The drawings were not on public display in the MVDC Help Shop and there was a two-day wait before they were presented to them. These LRA members had spoken to the MVDC Conservation Officer and having received no satisfactory answers, they had also spoken to the press. These members confronted us with a long list of rare and protected species of plant and animal life found in the area. They had also compiled a list of features of the project they felt to be problematic or inappropriate. The Conservation Officer had treated the lists dismissively and denied that there was kingfisher's
burrow in this part of the river.

To gauge opposition to the development, a petition was drawn up. A group led by Barry Davies, LRA member and Angling Bailiff of the section of the Mole River between Thorncroft and Town Bridges, began a campaign to find out how other residents felt about the development. Within a week there were over 300 names on the petition. Richard Burrows, MVDC Interim Director, advised us that further petitions, even if the wording were changed, would not help our cause. I watched one Sunday morning as people stood on Thorncroft Bridge and looked at the schematic drawing and said, "this section should not be touched" and signed the petition. Unfortunately, the petition was dismissed in its entirety. The reason given was that the trees that had been cut down in the area were not all as a result of the Pathway Project and the number of feet of pathway should have said square feet not metres. The petition stated that the under signers had not been consulted about the redevelopment of the River Mole Footpath, an area referred to by Jeremy Early as the ' Jewel in the Crown.' This was the petitions' intended message.

The MVDC gave a small group of LRA members the opportunity to meet with Richard Burrows. After that meeting the pathway was narrowed by one foot and a commitment was made to "review consultation arrangements for future projects." Many telephone calls, letters to the press and council, and public meetings later, the council responded with a partial compromise. In response to a public outcry, the MVDC eventually eliminated a 40 square metre section of hard surfacing to the left of Thorncroft Bridge. The hard surfacing would have replaced a naturally overgrown area of nettles and wildflowers. Also eliminated was a kissing gate that was extremely controversial from the moment the public became aware of its intended use. A display of upright railway sleepers and a landscaped area was also deleted. It was the general view of people, that the design was out or keeping and proportion for the narrow corridor of this beauty spot and that in fact it would have been more appropriate for a theme park. Unfortunately, reaching these compromises has caused a great deal of stress to our community. Some people have had sleepless nights over this unhappy development.

The Leatherhead Tomorrow Health Check

It is important to consider how this controversial and inappropriate project came about. The original idea for the project came from the Leatherhead Tomorrow Health Check. Not surprisingly, over 900 of the 40,000 local people targeted by the survey chose the River Mole as their favourite Leatherhead asset. When these people were asked how they would change the area they suggested clearing the
pathways and clearing litter and graffiti, which had covered a certain wall for four years. As usual these are maintenance problems. Judging from the High Street and Church Street, maintenance is not a priority in Leatherhead. Unfortunately, the pathway was not properly maintained during the time that it was a Nature Reserve. Never in their wildest dreams did people expect the pathway to become a 7- foot-wide mini roadway with an artificial surface.

To be fair, according to the Health Check a few cyclists did request access to the footpath. Some motorcyclists also apparently wanted access as two were picnicking on the meadow near the river on Friday evening. What a few people desire is not always in the interest of the majority of people.
It has been our experience to find that tiny kernels of ideas stated in the Health Check develop within the Leatherhead Tomorrow (now the Leatherhead Area Partnership LAP) Committee Meetings
into full blown proposals that the public do not recognise as their own desires. In its early stages, the pathway project plan was to tidy up the area and create a way for the disabled to access the river via way of the Football Club. Along the way the project became larger and the LAP found they needed an eight-foot wide path. In this case, and in two others, Surrey County Council (SCC) has suggested projects with larger scope than the LAP has intended. It is at this point that the project goes horribly wrong. It seems that accessing SCC funds becomes too tempting for the LAP to resist. (See Footnote One at the end of the letter for additional information concerning the LAP's poor consultation)

Some groups have supported the council's project but were probably kept in the dark (like the rest of us) concerning the finer details such as width, time of year for implementation, the nature and durability of material for the path. The Mole Valley Access Group was listed as consultees but were never shown a schematic drawing or told the dimensions of the path. It was reported (Town centre Forum) that members of the People's Empowerment Partnership (PEP) Committee were 'horrified' when they discovered that it was to be a cycle path. The residents of Thorncroft Drive were reportedly consulted, but I have spoken to the 3 residents nearest the river and none say they were consulted. If the Ramblers Association and Natural England had been notified there would no doubt have been a better consultation process. During this process the members of the public who actually use the river would have been able to share with The Leatherhead Area Partnership their intimate knowledge of the area, and their fears for the loss of flora and fauna and the general natural amenity of the area. Barry Davis has spoken to hundreds of people who have simply said, " Why does/did it have to be changed at all?" The goal to make the path wheelchair accessible was laudable. Imagine our surprise when a wheelchair user, who is on the path daily, said that he would not be able to use a kissing gate, because his hands are not strong enough to use a laser key. It took a concerted effort to convince the Conservation Officer of the folly of this gate. The gate was deleted in the end but not until it was brought on site to see how inappropriate it looked. Many wheelchair users and their families have come forward to say that the path was very accessible as it was.

The following is a summary of factors that cause concern for local residents:

• The work was carried out in the middle of the nesting season. We may have ended up with a simple roadway through a nature reserve but to accomplish that roadway took multiple large, noisy earth-moving vehicles making many trips daily across a once unspoilt terrain. Over two weeks of constant noise accompanied the project. The hammering sound of compacting machines could be heard 300 yards away.

• We were promised that the contractors, recommended by SCC, were sensitive to this kind of area and that hand digging would take place near tree roots. However, what happened was that tree roots were scraped as the path was bulldozed through as quickly as possible. There was not a break in the noisy activity for the days the work was done in the narrow, tree-lined area of the path. Pictures are available to show the damage to tree roots.

• A third of the path was disproportionately large in comparison to the narrow strip of land it now fills.

• The Fibredec material is 'experimental'. It sits loosely on 2 layers of bitumen.

• The bitumen was applied messily and splashed over the edge of the path. This gooey black material was covered over with loose soil. When it rains some of it will end up in the river.

• Although Fibredec is thought to be safe near water, the manufacturer has plainly told several members of the public in telephone conversations that Fibredec should not be used in areas that flood in the winter. The pathway was under 3 feet of water in January and February 2008. There are pictures to show the path at Thorncroft Drive covered with water.

• Fibredec lasts between 5 and 15 years. Richard Burrows has told us that the existing path would have needed to be replaced in 3 years time. If the new Fibredec path lasts 5 years, we will have added only 2 years to the life of the path. With a total cost of almost £72,000, much of which pays for the path, the extra two-year life of the path is expensive indeed.

• Colas, the providers of Fibredec, recommend that the pathway should have hard edges. This measure lengthens the life of the path by preventing plant life from growing into the Fibredec, causing the breakdown of the delicate top dressing of crushed glass. Only a few feet of the path, near the river's edge, have hard edges.

• The Council decided to leave the path with open edges so that the path would look more natural
as the plants grow over the edge. In the Help Shop it was explained to an inquiring public that the path would eventually look narrower as plants overgrew the edges. It will also begin the deterioration of the Fibredec.

• There is no guarantee on the path.

• While a pathway accessible for the disabled was an excellent goal, combining that with a pathway for cycles (dual-purpose path) in an area that was too narrow was foolhardy.

• Guidelines were not met but the agency that was consulted and paid to do a weir study acquiesced to the Council.

• For example, that the path should have been at least a metre from the river at all points. About 40 feet of the path abuts the river. The Environmental Agency relented.

• SCC Pathways Department partially funded the project if, and only if, it became a dual pathway.

• The recommended width of a dual pathway is 10 feet; the minimum acceptable width of such a path is 8 feet. However, this path is 7 feet wide with pinch points. At these points cycles and wheelchairs may meet on a less than 6 feet wide path between a large tree trunk and the river's edge. The path is expected to overgrow the edges, making it narrower still.

• Although too wide for its setting, the path is too narrow for dual use.

• There is visual impairment in places where the path bends and foliage blocks the view.

• There is an alternative path for cycles behind Thorncroft Manor that could have linked up with the new pathway at the Football Club extending across the meadow into Leatherhead Town Centre. Here the path is straight, in an open area, with no visual impairment.

• The Cobham Angling Club, who pay for fishing rights to MVDC, were not notified that
access to the Mole River would be denied when the fishing season officially opened.

• Once the Conservation Officer had the opinion of wildlife 'expert', Jeremy Early, who was the photographer paid for illustrations on interpretation boards, the views for residents about danger to wildlife was ignored.

• Simon Cowell, founder of Wildlife Aid, told Richard Burrows that noise would cause birds to abandon their nest, but hoped the birds would return in another season. This was a sacrifice the council was willing to make.

• Many local residents know where the Kingfishers' burrow is located and have watched the birds dive into their burrow from the Town Bridge for years. The 'experts' continue to deny its existence.

• Simon Cowell says that Kingfishers are particularly adversely affected by noise.

• Their nest is adjacent to 'Graffiti Alley'. A pneumatic drill pounded this embankment for days to break up the concrete pavement along a 100 metre corridor.

• Fibredec cannot be laid in the winter because it is affected by frost. The area around Thorncroft Bridge is a frost pocket. This is part of the reason June/July was chosen as the time of year for the project. We think it would have been better to use a more durable natural material.

• By using natural materials for pathways over the years, the river has been allowed to overflow and repair itself naturally. Debris left behind is soaked up and assimilated into the embankment/path. The Fibredec pathway required a membrane to be placed under the aggregate. There is concern that this non-porous membrane will affect the river's natural ability to cleanse itself.

• The Fibredec was not applied evenly and the bitumen showed through.

• Some of the pathway near the town centre had to be resurfaced immediately because it was done so poorly. The resurfacing seemed to be done hastily in the dark. That same night two of the handcrafted benches were wrenched out of the concrete and stolen. Workers were witnessed on the site making a great deal of noise at 10pm on Friday July 18th.

• To patch a week old path does not portend a happy future. The path near Thorncroft bridge was not repaired where the Fibredec was applied very thinly.

• Further patching has occurred near Town Bridge where workers cut through a cable and had to dig it up. Repairs were done with a material other than Fibredec.

• The summer was the time of year that was best for the contractor's schedule. We think we should have waited until next year for the project, after all, the pathway had 3 more years of life. Alternately, we could have chosen a different contractor.

• By using such a delicate material in a flood prone area, which is subject to frost, the pathway is likely to begin breaking up in its early years. There is fear that the Fibredec and bitumen will wash into the river. This would have a detrimental affect of the river's wellbeing.

• The Fibredec path allows the cyclist to move at a more rapid pace. It is only natural to take advantage of this ability to speed along. This speed will endanger pedestrians and wheelchair users.

• Many pedestrians walk with dogs on leads or children. You cannot predict the behaviour or movement of either. A Speeding cyclist would definitely put both in danger's way. Leads stretched across the pathway would also put the cyclist at risk.

• The Conservation officer had warned in the February Town Centre Forum meeting
that the area would look stark as the trees were thinned. I did ask questions about this but was told to call tomorrow. In my dictionary a forum is "the place for the discussion that" should have accompanied that statement. The last thing you really want is a nature reserve that looks stark.

Other Concerns

• Vandalism is rife in the area. This is due to its proximity to Pit Stop, a shelter for the homeless and jobless. We have sympathy for the homeless but deplore the negative impact they have on the amenities of the nature reserve. A well-known location, the Pit Stop attracts people from all over England. When the homeless people cannot abide by the house rules they spill over into the nature reserve, often setting up camps. Now that the town is an alcohol-restricted area, homeless people tend to sit and drink on the benches by the river. Some benches have been used for firewood, along with an interpretation board near Thorncroft Bridge. Benches and the soccer goal, used by the football club, have been found in the river. The MVDC has granted permission for Pit Stop users to fish in the river.

• Poaching and illegal fishing have been reported to the Surrey Wildlife Officer.

• Netting has been put across the river to round up fish. (also reported)

• When I reported this to the Conservation Officer, he said that happens all the time.

• People have been camping out along the river and on the islands

• We think steps to alleviate these activities should have been carried out prior to development.

• The Surrey Police are patrolling the area more frequently. Their priority, however, is the Town Centre and that is where most of their effort will continue to be exerted.

• It is difficult for police officers to witness offences because of a queuing system to get through to Guildford headquarters. Even when the PC's personal number has been given, the telephone goes to messaging with no returned call.

• People, even one councillor, are afraid to visit the area.

• So far it seems that cyclists, more than anyone else, are benefiting from the pathway. The feeble and disabled wheelchair users have to be very brave to make use of the new path.

• Some effort has been expended to find out if an Environmental Impact Study has been done.There is no indication that one was carried out.

Concerns Not Related to the Path

It is impossible to over emphasise the significance of protecting a place that is both a Conservation Area and a part of a Nature Reserve. A great deal has been said and written about this area. It is much loved and praised. For this reason all activity in the area should be monitored extremely carefully.
During our quest to find out as much about the project as possible, we became aware that a row of 20-foot tall May trees had been cut back to 3-feet tall. The 100 to 200 trees had created a screen between the football field and the nature reserve. This screen had been planted for a purpose. It benefited the wildlife in the area, the football club, and the residents in homes nearby and across the valley on Elm Bank. The SCC Parks Officer had carried out the work to rejuvenate the trees that were probably in poor condition. There was no indication that the matter was referred to the Conservation Officer. If he had realised the importance of the floral screen, he could have pruned the upper branches of trees and taken out the worst of the group. Alternatively, a new row of trees could have been planted and allowed to grow while the old hedge slowly died. The trees appear to be on football club property.
Cutting back the trees has had the following consequences:

• The football pitch is in full view of the Conservation Area.

• The noise from the football pitch can be heard in the conservation area.

• Wildlife is affected by noise. If some birds are disturbed by noise they will abandon their nests.

• Noise from the football pitch echoes across the valley and becomes a nuisance to nearby residents.

• Light Pollution from the floodlit football pitch was noticed by nearby residents immediately.

• Bats in the area would suffer from the light. ( in the May 23rd meeting Simon Cowell said the damage would have already been done.) Bats are protected animals.

• The football club loses on average one ball per week. The balls end up in the river and cannot be retrieved. This cannot be good for the river or the club's bank balance.

• We had no blossom in May.

• It is not helpful to find that the trees are now healthy and will be mature in ten to fifteen years.

Building Done without Environmental Impact Studies

There is currently a building project in progress west of the Town Bridge. The contractors have damaged the new path and dumped materials in the river a few metres away. It is doubtful whether an Environmental Impact Study was done.

Swans Not Safe in Nature Reserve

Leatherhead lost its pair of swans to a wildlife sanctuary elsewhere when the female swan had her wing damaged by a drunkard. In April a new pair of swans swam down near Thorncroft Bridge and began the nesting process. They have since disappeared. A second pair was noticed in July. They have also disappeared. It is unknown if the Redevelopment of the River path has frightened them away or that the rumour that poachers are eating them is true. Whatever the reason, a nearby swan sanctuary does not consider the Nature Reserve between Town and Thorncroft Bridges a safe place to re-home a pair of swans. This is very sad considering the swan is the symbol of our town and the area is a Nature Reserve.


There are many things that have happened in the Nature Reserve that cannot easily be changed. We hope we have learned from the mistakes that were made.

• We think it is time that people are truly consulted. When a significant project arises from theLeatherhead Tomorrow Health Check the public need to be revisited to see if the LAP's interpretation is correct. The Leatherhead Town Centre Forum is not an adequate sounding board for new projects unless organisations are given specific material to take back to their group and and feed back is received and listened to. This should occur at an early stage of the project, before ideas are fixed in any way.

• The MVDC has indicated a desire to improve consultation and we hope they carry through with that objective.

• The Conservation Officer has committed himself to monitor the cycle activity on the pathway

• We would like to see the part of the pathway between Thorncroft Bridge and the meadow removed from the cycle path. This would mean that a cyclist either takes the alternate path or dismounts at that point. We do not want to wait for an accident to happen. It should be done immediately.

• Any project in or near the Nature Reserve should require an Environmental Impact Study.

• Planting grass along the edge should narrow the part of the pathway removed from the cycle path. It should be the width to allow two wheelchairs to pass. That section should not be a dual pathway.

• Now that access to the river has been provided, we would like to see all activities on the river, legal and illegal, properly monitored by the Council.

• We would like a maintenance program that truly works.

If Natural England agrees with our objectives, we would be thankful for any suggestions you have to help us accomplish them. We hope you will be able to place this information in the proper to hands to deal with our concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Cheryl Allen

(Footnote One- In reference to page two)

In only one of the LAP projects did further public consultation (beyond the Health Check) take place. The controversial Church Street Redevelopment Project had two formal public consultations. However, too much of the scheme was predetermined before it came before the public. Although adopted, 3 residents groups and the Chamber of Commerce still oppose this project in its present form. In the case of the Mole River Path Re-development, no further public consultation ever took place and no schematic drawing was ever placed before a public group. The Conservation Officer apparently told the Leatherhead Forum that he had the drawings in his brief case if anyone wanted to see them. No one was ever told of width of the path, the materials of which it was to be made or, the fact that noisy, seven-foot wide machines would force their way through the nature reserve in the nesting season. A director, Richard Burrows, and his successor, Laura Taylor, have both admitted that the 'consultation' had its shortcomings.

Chairmans Diary - August/September 2008

The Chairman & Committee members will be involved in the following meetings and consultations over coming weeks. If there are any issues you would like the LRA to bring up at these meetings, please email the Chairman or add a comment to this post.

  • Tues. 5th Age Concern/Help The Aged merger Consultation in London.
  • Tues. 5th Evening: Leatherhead Night Hostel.
  • Thurs 7th Meeting with reporters from Leatherhead Advertiser.
  • Mon. 11th Mole Valley Credit Union Study Group.
  • Wed. 13th MVDC Planning Dept. Local Development Framework.
  • Thurs.14th Surrey LINks Local Involvement Network Communications & Engagement publicity planning (NHS & Social Services monitoring)
  • Tues.l9th SECamb: Crawley. South East Surrey Ambulance Service PPI
  • (patient and public involvement).
  • Tues.26th Shopmobility.

  • Mon 1st Leatherhead Festivities Committee
  • Mon 1st Leatherhead Residents Association EGM, 7 pm L.Inst.
  • Wed. 3rd Guildford, Woking & Leatherhead, Credit Union.
  • Mon. 8th Ashtead & Leatherhead Forum 7 pm at Letherhead Institute.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Leatherhead & Dorking CAB Quiz Night

Leatherhead and Dorking Citizens Advice Bureau are holding a fund raising quiz night on Saturday October 4th and we would be delighted if Leatherhead Residents Association would support us by bringing along a team. Details are:

Saturday October 4th, 7pm for 7.30
At the Christian Centre Dorking
Tables of 8
Tickets are £10 to include a fish and chip supper
Bar Available
Tickets are available from Dorking Bureau 01306 876806
or email
or from Leatherhead CAB. Tel: 01372 375522

We would be so grateful for your support. In order for the service to continue at its present level we need to increase our income!

Unfortunately many of our Committee Members are away at the end of October. Are any LRA members interested in making up a team?

Monday, 11 August 2008

Updated Press Release from MVDC

Correction to this post

At their meeting on 31st July 2008, Mole Valley District Council voted in favour of creating 4 new area forums for the District.

The forums will give the community a greater opportunity to question the Council and be involved in the debate around decision making.

The District will be covered by 4 area forums; Chaired by local Councillors, each group will meet quarterly to discuss 2 topics of relevance to residents in that area. The forums are as follows:

Ashtead / Leatherhead – Chairman Councillor Sylvia Sharland

Bookham / Fetcham – Chairman - Councillor Clare Curran

Dorking – Chairman – Councillor James Friend

Rural Areas – Chairman – Councillor Don Webb.

The first meeting of each Forum will be held in September or October. The Forums will be asked to consider an item of District wide significance as referred by the Executive, and one which the Chairman considers to be of local importance. There will also be the opportunity for Members of Mole Valley’s Executive to update the Forum on specific issues and there will be opportunity for a Question and Answer session at each meeting.

Representatives of the Police, Surrey County Council, health organisations and other local organisations will be invited to the meetings, which will be open to the public.

It will be the responsibility of the Chairman to report back to Mole Valley District Council and its Executive, the outcome of each area forum discussion.

Leader of Mole Valley District Council, Councillor Jean Pearson said; “The Local Area Forums will benefit Mole Valley residents and Businesses by opening up discussions on a range of topics and making participation in the Council decision making processes more accessible. Now that we have agreed to create the 4 Area Forums and who will chair each one, Council Officers together with the four Chairmen will finalise the dates and location of the first meeting of each Forum and we will publicise this information.”

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Government invites comments on its plans for future development in the South East.

The South East Plan sets out Government's strategy for the South East Region that covering the next twenty years.

A panel of Government Planning Inspectors carried out a public examination of the draft South East Plan which was produced by SEERA (the South East England Regional Assembly). Now the Government is inviting comments on its response and proposals for what should be included in the South East Plan.

The key aspects of the Government's consultation include proposals for:

• The development of at least 33,125 additional dwellings a year across the region, of which Mole Valley's share is 188 dwellings a year.
• Ensuring that at least 60 per cent of all new development is built on previously developed land
• Safeguarding the Green Belt, although selective local reviews may be required.
• 25 percent of all new housing should be social rented accommodation and 10 per cent other forms of affordable housing
• New housing to be built against an overall regional target of 40 dwellings per hectare.
• At least 10 per cent of energy used in new developments should come from renewable resources.
• Provision of accessible, multi functional green space to improve biodiversity and recreational and cultural benefits.

The consultation closing date is 24th October 2008. Details of how to make comments are explained on the website of the Government Office for the South East at where it is also possible to view the proposed changes and additional background documents that accompany the Government's proposals.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Leatherhead Advertiser

The Leatherhead Ad are very keen for Leatherhead news. This is something residents constantly complain about as we hear more about Dorking than Leatherhead. This is our chance to put that right and the Ad have said they will do all they can to include any stories relating to the town. They also want good news stories, which is another big criticism so please lets help them out. Local reporters details can be found near the front of the Advertiser. We have a good town so lets publicise it and remove the negative views.

River walk

Friday, 8 August 2008

Last Saturday afternoon around 5pm my wife and I decided to stroll down to the cricket club to see the last few overs. We cut through Randalls Road to the river and walked along where the old Ronson football pitches used to be. As we made our way to the town I realised why I originally thought this was the pathway being improved. Fighting the undergrowth, mainly stinging nettles, we finally arrived at the town bridge and looked forward to the next stage to Thorncroft. We were confronted by a couple of middle aged gentlemen who appear to have had a good time but were now arguing rather loudly. I steered my wife up the path towards the football club to be greeted by a young man on a mountain bike who did not trouble us but I noticed took the right hander at speed.I am advised the Police feel they cannot take action so would ask that anyone who has any experiences on the walk, good or bad, blog them here so we can present a case, if there is one, to MVDC and the Police.

Cold Calling Update

Residents who responded to an online survey will have received more news on the proposed Cold Calling Zones by email. Extracts from a letter received from David Bullen

...theses zones are going to be set up and the launches are taking place over the next 3 months as follows:

· Bookham - Monday 1st September, 11am at The Christie Recreation Ground, Dorking Road, Bookham.

· Fetcham - Wednesday 1st October, 11am at The Cock Lane Recreation Ground, Fetcham.

· Ashtead - Monday 3rd November 11am - Venue to be confirmed. Details will be provided on our website nearer the time.

At the first launch (1st Sept) we are hoping to have speakers from Surrey Police, the County Trading Standards Officer, and a representative from the Water Companies.

The final approved agenda for the day will be made available, shortly, via our SCC website

We would like to invite you to attend any of the forthcoming launches where you will be able to find out more about the zones and ask any questions you may have. Once these zones have been launched we are planning to consider other areas that may benefit from having a No Cold calling Zone and we would welcome your views and suggestions.

I hope to meet you at one of the launches.

Yours sincerely

David Bullen
Trading Standards Officer
Safer and Stronger Communities Team

Surrey County Council Trading Standards
Mid Surrey Area Office
Bay Tree Avenue
Kingston Road
KT22 7SY

Tel: 01372 371743
Fax: 01372 371704

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Big Tidy Up

The LRA has been invited to join the North Leatherhead Residents' Association in an event to clear our town of litter. To join in the endeavour just show up at 10 am on Saturday 13th September, Lower Kingston Road on the steps opposite the Community Centre.

Hi Visibility vests and all equipment will be provided by MVDC. According to numbers of participants, the entirety of Leatherhead could be cleared in a single day. Time is flexible: Give an hour, give a morning, give a day.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

MVDC Press Release : Council Agree New Area Forums


Cllr S. Shardland has contacted the LRA to inform us that MVDC has changed their press Release.

Amended press releases were issued by MVDC. The differences being that there will be 4 forum a year (not monthly) and the paragraph starting "One discussion topic will be raised" is incorrect. There will be one issue put forward by the Mole Valley Executive and a local issue put forward by the Chairman of the Forum.

The first Forum is to be held on 8th September at the Leatherhead Institute in the large hall. I am hoping that someone from the Surrey PCT and a representative of the NHS will be present to update us on health issues affecting Leatherhead and Ashtead Residents. The MVDC Clerk is trying to arrange this. If you have any suggestions for future topics that you would like to discuss please let me know and I will consider all suggestions.

Original Press Release - incorrect text in orange

At their meeting on 31st July 2008, Mole Valley District Council voted in favour of creating 4 new area forums for the District.

The forums will give the community a greater opportunity to question the Council and be involved in the debate around decision making.

The District will be covered by 4 area forums; Chaired by local Councillors, each group will meet monthly to discuss 2 topics of relevance to residents in that area. The forums are as follows:

Ashtead / Leatherhead – Chairman Councillor Sylvia Sharland

Bookham / Fetcham – Chairman - Councillor Clare Curran

Dorking – Chairman – Councillor James Friend

Rural Areas – Chairman – Councillor Don Webb.

The first meeting of each Forum will be held in September or October. The Forums will be asked to consider an item of District wide significance and one which the Chairman considers to be of local importance. There will also be the opportunity for Members of Mole Valley’s Executive to update the Forum on specific issues and there will be opportunity for a Question and Answer session at each meeting.

Representatives of the Police, Surrey County Council, health organisations and other local organisations will be invited to the meetings, which will be open to the public.

One discussion topic will be raised by the Chair of the group the other by a resident or other interested party. It will be the responsibility of the Chair to report back to the Mole Valley District Council and its Executive, the outcome of each area forum discussion.

Leader of Mole Valley District Council, Councillor Jean Pearson said; “The Local Area Forums will benefit Mole Valley residents and Businesses by opening up discussions on a range of topics and making participation in the Council decision making processes more accessible. Now that we have agreed to create the 4 Area Forums and who will chair each one, Council Officers together with the four Chairmen will finalise the dates and location of the first meeting of each Forum and we will publicise this information.”


Media contacts for further information:

Arabella Davies
Democratic Services Manager

Tel: 01306 879137


Emma Wheeler
Communications and Research Officer
Tel: 01306 879113

SCC Highways Issue on Church Road Reaches Closure

This article about problems with SCC Highways and their appalling lack of communication skills has now ended.

Are there any other tales of despair out there ?

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tour of the Riverbank

For those unable to venture down to the Mole to survey the new path, this YouTube Video may help.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Agenda for Meeting on Monday, 4th August

Open LRA meeting on 4th August 2008 at 7 p.m.

1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes for the July meeting.

3. Short Police report.

4. Matters arising from the minutes.

5. Reports from Committees:

  1. Constitution amendments for the AGM on 1st September.

  2. Planning committee

  3. Montague House and Conservation Area.

  4. The River Path and associated conservation issues.

  5. Highways report, principally the Knoll Roundabout.

  6. Membership committee.

  7. The Newsletter and publicity.

6. A.O.B.
Committee Meeting on 4th August 2008 at 8 pm.

1. Apologies for absence.

2. Minutes of the July meeting.

3. Matters arising.

4. Fresh items

  1. Jack Straw and the Government planning objectives.

  2. Elected Councillors and Committee meetings and the minutes thereof.

  3. The Newsletter and dates for its appearance.

5. A.O.B.

Please accept my apologies for the late posting - unfortunately I did not received the agenda until quarter past two this afternoon.