Sunday 19 May 2013

The League of Friends of Leatherhead Hospital needs your support.

 Leatherhead has had a cottage hospital for over 100 years , the first hospital being at 8 Clinton Road in 1892 and consisting of 8 beds , followed in 1902 by the Queen Victoria Memorial Cottage Hospital at the junction of Epsom Road and Fortyfoot Road now a block of flats Victoria House. The current hospital was built in 1940 and had originally 52 beds now reduced to 23.

The current hospital has 30 out patient clinics, an award winning rehabilitation gym, a state of the art colposcopy unit for detecting and treating cervical cancer, a Community Assessment Unit for fast tracking  medical cases thereby avoiding hospital admission, speech and language unit and a wheel chair assessment unit

The League of Friends was formed in 1960 and has raised nearly 2and 1/2 million pounds to provide equipment and amenities for the patients

2 years ago we commissioned a feasability study for the future of the hospital  which concluded that there was ' great potential for expansion and development of services at the hospital '

At the moment we are at the watershed as to the future as on 1st April this year the NHS has undergone major restructuring with  budget control being transferred to Clinical Commissioning Groups ( CCG )  and the estate of the hospital  transferred to a Government agency.

Come  to the League of Friends of Leatherhead Hospital  AGM at 8.00pm in the Parish Church Hall on Friday 31st May. All residents welcome.

(Posted by LRA  Committee in support of League of Friends)

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