Saturday 8 June 2013

The Battle Continues

You may have seen the headline "Let Battle Commence" in last Thursday's 'Leatherhead Advertiser'.   The report correctly said that two days had been set aside for the Judicial Review (6th & 7th June).  But the review is going into a third day, Monday 10th June.

"How on earth did this get through planning?" was my last Blog (which generated 10 comments).  As one listens to the Judicial Review that question seems more and more pertinent. 

The Cherkley Campaign has been pleased at support given over the past two day by people attending the court hearing (click here to see list).  

If you feel strongly on this - and clearly very many people do - you may like to attend on Monday.  The proceedings will start at 10.30 in Court 19 of the Royal  Royal Courts of Law on the Strand near Aldwich.  

This case is a chance to say to councils across the country that you cannot ignore your officers' recommendations, your planning policy and the advice of the experts (landscape consultants, CPRE, Surrey Hills Board, NT etc.) on the back of a lot of public relations puff.

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